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“If You Want to Help Africa Mr. Macron, You Might Have to Leave the Continent”: a Belgian MP tells Macron

Visiting Côte d’Ivoire from December 20 to 22, 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron participated, among other things, in the celebration of the end-of-year celebrations with the French forces stationed in the country. He also paid tribute to the nine French soldiers killed during the bombing on November 6, 2004 in Bouaké.

However, Laurent Louis, a Belgian politician sent a message to Emmanuel Macron telling him to leave Africa. Here is his message:

“Ah no Mr. Macron,
The only real problem of Africa is that for almost 2 centuries this continent has been colonized by Western powers whose sole objective is to leave Africans in misery to better despoil them all by giving the appearance of wanting them good while in all honesty they do not care!

It is for this reason that only corrupt leaders come to power in Africa who are really the puppets of the West. And if Africans dare to stand up against the oppressor to demand the liberation of Africa, they are simply murdered or dragged before the International Criminal Tribunal completely in the hands of the West!

If you want to help Africa Mr. Macron, get the hell out of this continent, let the Africans manage their natural resources instead of robbing them and above all put an end to these development aid which in reality is only used to water Westerners who pretend to help people via NGOs which in reality only help themselves when they do not finally return in the diplomatic bags to secretly finance those who decided them.

The real problem of Africa Mr. Macron, it is you and your fellow men who run this world and for whom Africa is only a hard discount in the open air where you can help yourself cheerfully! »
By Laurent Louis (Belgian politician)

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