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If You Have Ever Worn This Type Of Shoe, Then You Need To Read This!!

Since their appearance in Florida in 2002, the Crocs rubber clogs have been a misfortune: more than 300 million pairs of these brightly colored but very unattractive shoes have been sold in 90 countries around the world. After a few years, the time has come, and it is not very positive for the Crocs!

Although practical to avoid slipping on the edge of swimming pools and prized by people whose work requires long standing standing because of their comfort, these shoes have negative effects on health according to specialists whose Huffington Post has made echo.

First reason, explained by Dr. Megan Leahy, podiatrist in Chicago is the instability of the heel. Indeed, when this is the case, the toes curl up causing tendinitis and deformities. Disadvantages caused by other shoes that do not hold the heel, like flip-flops.

In fact, says Dr Alex Kor, President of the American Academy of Podiatry Sports Medicine, the most harmful element for the feet is the shank, the piece that connects the heel to the sole. Given that in Crocs it is flexible , “patients are at risk of having a sore foot if they fold at this level . Even when wearing the back of the hoof, we can experience pain in the heel and the camber of the foot.


According to him, only two types of individuals can wear Crocs without side effects: people who suffer from swollen ankles and legs and those with an arched foot.

He himself receives daily patients with pain in the arch of the foot or heel caused by the prolonged wearing of Crocs. It is therefore advisable not to wear it throughout the day, as is often done by hospital staff and holidaymakers.

Dr Leahy agrees with this, always quoted by the Daily Mail  : according to her, one can wear Crocs but occasionally; At the pool or at the beach but certainly not for long walks. Moreover, she noticed that by wearing this type of shoes, children and adults stumbled and fell often.

Moreover, in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Sweden, the Crocs harbor was banned in hospitals for safety reasons. They would not be strong enough to protect the feet of caregivers in the event of falling sharp objects such as syringes.


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