If You Do Not Know Why You Have a Bad Breath, Check this out!

Even dentists can’t figure it out that this may be the reason.

Do you suffer from bad breath no matter how many breath fresheners you use? Some people can’t find a way to get rid of the unpleasant odor. What is the reason? Tonsils stones are often the reason.

bad breadth

Those are little dots on the tonsils that you can notice and can make your breath really awful. These stones release a gas that has a nasty, sulfur odor.


Tonsils stones are in fact nothing but a compound of mucus, bacteria and calcified food that collects in the back of the throat.
After it hardens not only  you will have a problem with bad breath but you can also have problems with pain during swallowing the food.

These stones can sometimes just “fall off” but often they must be surgically removed. There is a third solution and that is to remove your “enemy” out of the mouth by yourself.

If you have a “strong stomach”, watch the video and see what this is really about.


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