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If You Care About Your Nose, You Should Probably Stop Doing This Right Now – Expert Warns

We all do it from time to time. We feel itching or scratching and even before we realize it, we already have the fingers in our nose. But have you ever wondered if this could actually be dangerous? Read on to find out why you think twice before running after your next nose pit …

Dangerous and even very resistant bacteria such as golden staphylococci can penetrate your body. These germs live in your sinuses and you “feed” them every time you put your fingers in the nose.

Another complication: the nasal walls become irritated and become chronically infected. Curing the nose can injure sensitive mucous membranes and cause bleeding.


Crusts can form and give you even more desire to scratch yourself. This is how the viruses, bacteria and fungi that are under your nails infiltrate your bloodstream and make you get sick.

Nosebleeds can be very severe because there are five arteries that run through the lower part of the nose. The mucous membrane of your nose is sensitive and can take weeks to heal completely.


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