If You are Blood Group O, Then You Need to Know These Things

Blood groups do not just determine blood compatibility between two people. They define thanks to the different elements of the blood of individual identity marks.

To refer to our primary courses, there are eight types of blood groups that are O +, A +, B +, AB +, O-, A-, B- and AB-.

Today in our research we will talk about the blood group 0.


If you are blood type 0, here are some things you need to know! the blood group 0 is not just a universal donor.

1- the specificity of group 0

According to the scientists, blood group O only has antibodies A and B in the plasma and no A or B antigens in the blood.

2- percentage

Did you know ? around the world, according to international statistics, about 55% of individuals are of the blood group 0.

3- donation system

Just as blood group 0 people are universal donors, they can only receive 0 blood during transfusion.

4- health risks

Wearing type 0 has its advantages and disadvantages! Studies have shown that people with type O blood type are more likely to get certain bacterial and viral infections than other blood groups. In addition, type 0 has the lowest risk of coronary heart disease, unlike other blood groups.


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