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If Tupac’s Death Remains Unresolved To Date, Where Does That Leave Average Afro-American Men?

It’s now 21 years since America lost Tupac Shakur. To this very day, nothing much has been done to establish who killed the rap icon. After Tupac was shot, many Americans spent six days in vigil, hoping that something good would happen and that the rapper wouldn’t succumb. There was an expectation that whoever shot him would be brought to justice considering the high level of intelligence that the U.S. boasts of having. But that was naught! Nothing happened. The rapper succumbed and those who cared about him pressed for investigations to be conducted into the matter for further details. Something happened – nothing!


That was Tupac! He was shot at a time and in a place where nailing the killers shouldn’t have been a problem. Why it wasn’t resolved remains unclear to this very day.

If Tupac’s case has remained unresolved to this very day, what would happen in the cases of the many Black men who’re being shot left right and center? Who’s going to account for their deaths? How about the ones dying at the hands of the police? Who’s going to take responsibility?

Statistics show that the deaths of African-American men constitute 40% of all murders in the U.S. despite their population accounting for only around 13%. Many of the murders have caused grief in the communities, with nothing much happening to either control the deaths or even bring the perpetrators to justice. Many of the families have been going up and down in different government offices seeking for answers to no avail.

It’s unlikely that the authorities will do something about the deaths. First of all, most of the cops are white and a good number of them don’t care about the troubles of the Black community. That’s why even the case of Tupac wasn’t and hasn’t been taken seriously.

Tupac was indeed an icon. He talked about the plight of the Black community; touching on discrimination and racism, doing so at a time when not so many people were strong enough to raise their voices against the powers that be.

Today, we see clearly that the Black deaths aren’t getting much media coverage. Without the media, the gravity of the situation isn’t being felt by the broader America. That’s why such injustices continue to happen and no one is taking responsibility.

The other challenge is that less than all murder related deaths in the Black community are ever reported to the police. When such cases go unreported, it means no truth can be ascertained. Most of these murderers aren’t reported to the authorities because of the manner in which the law enforcement is biased against the community. How can you report to someone who’s also involved in killing your people? Worse still, even in cases where police officers involved in an unjustifiable killing of Black people are exposed, such cops are always left to go scot-free.


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