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”If The United States And Russia Engages In War, Even The Grass Will Die”, Vladimir Putin Blows Threats..

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has rubbished the belief that the United States would defeat Russia if the two engage in a war.

“Nobody would survive the clash,” Putin told US movie director, Oliver Stone for The Putin Interviews.

Putin also expressed concern of US military action and its NATO alliance.

“NATO is a mere instrument of U.S. foreign policy,” he said in a clip of the interview, aired by the Showtime channel on Wednesday.


“It has no allies, it has only vessels. Once a country becomes a NATO member, it is hard to resist the pressures of the United States.”

In 2014, NATO kicked against Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and has since stationed its resources to defend allies near Russia.

In its response, Russia warned that the move is aggressive and has vowed to respond with its own deployments.

And recently, Poland and Romania say they will host elements of a US missile shield but Putin says this is just another example of US dictated policy.

In this case, we have to take countermeasures. We have to aim our missile systems at the facilities that are threatening us. The situation becomes more tense.”

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