“If Iran Develops a Nuclear Bomb, We Will do the Same,” Says Saudi Crown Prince

Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Ben Salman revealed that his country would acquire nuclear weapons if Iran did so. He took the opportunity to compare the Supreme Guide to Hitler. Tehran retaliated by calling him “simple-minded”.

The next King of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman , said in an interview with CBS that he would enter the nuclear arms race if Iran were to develop its own atomic bomb.

In one of the rare interviews he gave to Western media, Prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed his intentions regarding atomic weapons, as evidenced by an excerpt from the 60-minute program unveiled on March 15 by the American channel CBS . “Saudi Arabia has no intention of acquiring a nuclear bomb. But rest assured that if Iran managed to develop one, we would do the same immediately, “he said.


The prince made this statement when just announced the entry of his country into a civilian nuclear power generation program, in order to less depend on oil in the future. He then qualified the Iranian Supreme Guide as a “new Hitler”.

Bahram Ghassemi, spokesman for Iranian diplomacy, replied on March 16 on the website of his ministry: “These remarks have no value. […] They emanate from a simple mind full of illusions that utters only bitter and false words. ”

Iran is currently subject to the Iran nuclear deal, an international treaty signed in 2015 that restricts the atomic program and limits uranium enrichment. Believing it to be uncompromising and insecure, Donald Trump recently urged the other signatories of the agreement to demand more guarantees , provoking dry Tehran reactions.


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