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First Identical Triplets to Compete Against Each Other in Rio Olympics

Estonian sisters Leila, Liina and Lily Luik are set to become the first set of triplets to participate in the Summer Olympics. The trio is likely to compete against each other during women’s marathon at the Rio Games, according to a report in NBC News.

Twins competing in the same event is not uncommon at the Olympic Games. Triplets however haven’t competed against each other at the Olympics before, and the Luiks are believed to be te first identical triplets to do so.

The sisters live separately in Estonia and sometimes have to train apart. But they regularly spend winters together at a high-altitude training camp in Kenya.

The sisters used the slogan “Trio to Rio” as their motivation to qualify for the Rio showdown.

Leila, the oldest of the triplets, has the fastest personal best at 2:37.12, set in Shanghai in 2013. She is followed by Liina, whose personal best is two minutes and 30 seconds slower and Lily, the youngest, who is a further 45 seconds back.


All three say their goal for the Rio games is to finish together, to set personal bests and to finish with a smile.

Here are a few instances of families dominating events at the Olympics:

1. Tennis: Williams sisters (US) — Serena and Venus — have competed against each other and together in the past. Together they have won three golds in doubles and they have also bagged a gold medal each in singles category.

2. Tennis: Bryan brothers (US) — Bob and Mike — The identical twins have won gold medal in men’s doubles tennis event in 2012 London Games.

3. Gymnastics: Hamm brothers (US) Paul and Morgan Hamm had a successful Athen Games in 2004, winning gold and silver, respectively.

4. Boxing: Oscar and Javier Molina represented two different countries in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

5. Skiing: Phil and Steven Mahre won gold and silver in the Men’s Slalom in the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo.


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