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ICC: The Whole Truth About the Role of France in the Arrest of Gbagbo

Raphaël Granvaud and David Mauger have just published a book entitled A Fireman Pyromaniac, edited  by Agone. A book in which the two authors make revelations on the role of France in the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo, the former Ivorian Head of State.

”  During the Gbagbo years, France did not intervene in Côte d’Ivoire to resolve the crisis, but on the contrary to make it worse  .” This is essentially the thesis supported in this book.

A week before the resumption of hearings of the trial of Laurent Gbagbo before the ICC, on October 1, Raphael Granvaud answered questions from Christophe Boisbouvier.

The whole truth about the role of France in the arrest of Gbagbo

Raphaël Granvaud ”  According to the official version, France intervened with the Licorne operation for humanitarian purposes and in a completely impartial way. But what we show in the book is that France was not at all a neutral arbiter, but rather an actor of the crisis and a very committed actor with a strong will to end the Gbagbo regime and acquaintances that could be documented from several indications of proven complicity with the rebellion. “

In April 2011, the French army is the spearhead of the military operation that overthrows the regime of Laurent Gbagbo. Why do you write that the French army has obviously violated the UN resolutions  ?


“This is the same mechanism that was played in Libya. That is to say, under the guise of protecting civilians, a Security Council resolution was called for to intervene. “

The whole truth about the role of France in the arrest of Gbagbo

” And we took the pretext of this resolution to simply bomb Laurent Gbagbo’s military assets and allow the rebels rallied to Ouattara to reach the interior of Abidjan, and then even accompany them to the residence of Laurent Gbagbo. , where they could then capture him. So that was obviously not the meaning of the UN resolutions. 

You explain the French dislike of Laurent Gbagbo because of the economic interests of France in Côte d’Ivoire. But for all that, has the raw materials market of Côte d’Ivoire not escaped France since that time  ?

” In part, in cocoa there are American interests that have been very present since that time. That said, France retains a preponderant share in the Ivorian economy. Some big groups like Bolloré, Bouygues and some others still carve important parts of the market. And, on the other hand, there are not only strictly economic interests. There are truly strategic interests across the region. 

The whole truth about the role of France in the arrest of Gbagbo



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