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ICC / Gbagbo’s Request for Provisional Release: Here is the New decision of the Judges

A new application for provisional release for former President Laurent Gbagbo has been sent to the judges of the ICC (International Criminal Court). As stated in a statement posted on the ICC website. After examination, the said request made by the lawyers of Laurent Gbagbo did not meet a favorable opinion.

”  Majority House Rejects Application for Full Provisional Release  ” Could it be read

According to the Court, “in  accordance with the updated medical report, the board is satisfied that Mr. Gbagbo’s health is stable and that he is receiving optimal treatment for his current state of health and age“.

For the lawyers of the former Ivorian president, this new request was based on medical reasons but according to the judges, the health of ”  Laurent Gbagbo is stable and that he receives an optimal treatment for his state and his age “.


A decision of the judges that was very badly received by the defense of the former Ivorian president.

”  It is never pleasant to see the umpteenth time President Laurent Gbagbo’s release is denied to him and anger because, from my point of view, there is no legal justification for such a decision that appears. like judicial harassment,  “said Abiba Touré, lawyer of Laurent Gbagbo joined by our colleagues from BBC Africa.

As a reminder, former President Laurent Gbagbo (73) and his former youth minister, Charles Blé Goudé (46), have been detained at the ICC since November 2011 and March 2014. They are mainly accused of crimes against humanity. On January 28, 2016, the two men’s joint trial began.


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