ICC/Gbagbo Trial: Here are the Different Cases to be Envisaged After the Decision of the Judges

We expect more than the verdict of the judges in the trial in the Hague of Laurent Gbagbo, and his compatriot Charles Blé Goudé. After the prosecutor, the word was since this month in defense of the two accused. Once their arguments are over, it remains for the judges to decide on the outcome of this trial. But before, three cases of figures are to be considered during this decision.

Judges pronounce a no place

In the event of dismissal by the judges, the trial of the two Ivorians at the International Criminal Court will fade away. Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé will be able to return to their country and their families. This is also what their loved ones as well as their respective political parties, the FPI (Ivorian Popular Front) and the Cojep (Congress for Justice and Peoples’ Equality) want.

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However, the prosecution side may appeal this decision.

The judges decide the continuity of the trial

Two other cases are to be expected in this case.

The trial continues with the same charges. The two accused will have to scroll to the bar their witnesses. This scenario may last a few more years. And this is probably not what the two co-accused want. Such a decision could seriously hit the political career of Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Goudé wheat, especially the first city, 73 years old this year.

The judges may, in another possibility, decide to abandon certain charges. In the latter case, one of the accused could be released when the other party continues the trial.

“We are confident about the outcome of this lawsuit. Nothing is played yet, it is true, but the facts are rather in our favor. We only hope that this will be the case, in the final decision, “said, a Cojep official.



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