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ICC: Big Confusion Bbetween Laurent Gbagbo’s Lawyers And The Prosecutor’s Office


The trial of Laurent Gbagbo before the International Criminal Court (ICC) continues in The Hague. The Court heard on Wednesday the questioning of one of the witnesses in the case.

In Laurent Gbagbo’s camp, there are serious doubts about the credibility of the witness.

Altit’s team has again questioned the veracity of the statements of the witnesses presented by the prosecutor’s office.

According to Ivoirebusiness, one of the witnesses of the prosecutor Fatou Bensouda against Gbagbo and Blé Goudé, is Camara Fatimata Bintou, who was declared dead in Abobo (Abidjan) by the RDR during the march of the women of 03 March 2011.


Camara Bintou stated during her testimony that she had troubles with her eyes following the events in Abobo commune in 2011.

According to the prosecution witness, she would be the victim of the blasts of the heavy weapon fire of the defense and security forces who remained loyal to the former head of state, Laurent Gbagbo.

When asked by Ms. Jennifer, “If she was consulted by a doctor about her eye and if she had read the report of the analysis,” the witness answered, “Yes, he told me said to go for an “ultrasound” and to have me consulted at the Abidjan military hospital.

In response to this statement, Ms. Jennifer reads the report of the ophthalmologist, Dr. Loba, who certifies that she has been suffering from cataract since the age of 8 and not since the post-election crisis. A real blow to the witness.

The Defense took the opportunity to show that the witness, contrary to what she says, “can speak French”. It should be noted that the witness testified in Malinke by videoconference from Abidjan.


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