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‘IBRAH’: No One In Africa Has Cars More Expensive Than This Mysterious Man Look!!

It is no secret that many men are great lovers of beautiful cars. In Ghana this man, who calls himself ibrah_money on Instagram, is the person, if you can afford it, who owns the most expensive cars in this West African country.

“Ibrah” shares exotic images on her page which, according to the standards of the country, are dazzling.


This mysterious young man known only by his nickname “Ibrah”, used the social media platform to flaunt his fleet of expensive cars, the overall cost of which is several million dollars.

The young millionaire just 31 years old, is known in the business world. But it must be revealed that no one knows clearly what type of business deals this wealthy young boy who resides in the suburb of Accra de Dansoman.



Always well dressed in extravagant luxury classes and accessories, he lives in a luxurious multi-million dollar mansion called “Ibrahville”, whose sources say he owns it.


Ibrah also occasionally shares pictures of his life style in a private jet, where he travels first class throughout the world.


His cars, all personalized license plates, include a G-Wagon (estimated cost of $ 140,000), a Bentley ($ 180,000), Mercedes GTS ($ 130,000), Rolls Royce Wraith (estimated cost , A Mercedes SLC ($ 80,000), a Ferrari 458 Italia (estimated at $ 240,000) and an Audi R8 (estimated cost of $ 170,000).


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