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Oyo- Ibadan Mindset Makeover, The Needed Change For Ibadan City!

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Some don’t know her, some do. When she stepped into the studios today, I knew Ibadan is really in for a lifetime change this weekend. Ibadan indeed needs a total overhauling of the mind and lifestyle. I have always been with the opinion that Ibadan in Oyo state is no place to run a business. But then this impression changed today. Because now I realise that no matter the location, your mentality determines your credibility. These were her words to all Ibadan Entrepreneurs and residents. She is no other person than the Ibadan business Heroine- Mrs Adeleke Oyenike.

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StarConnect does that. It brings the stars right to your hood. We make them share their success story right here in the stable of Jetheights Services. This is an online digital advertising company that is highly committed to bringing to spotlight large,medium and small companies. It is fast growing and specialises only in building companies, through the use of tested and proven technological designs.

Though our focus is mainly on Africa( Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana) yet we deliver services that are largely competitive with the Western World.

This unwavering success becomes more evident by our long standing partnerships with international bodies like Google, Paypal, Facebook, WordPress, Bing to mention a few. In Nigeria, Jetheights is currently running Africa-focused web and social media campaigns and has recently worked with several top clients in diverse capacities; Jumia, Azimo, WorldRemit, Dangote, Ecobank, GTB, Mobofree, DAWN, CPN, ODUA Group etc.

With his rich technological heritage, which takes a second place to the cumulative knowledge got over the years, Jetheights has driven many SMEs to success stories.

Bringing you another success story today, is The Founder and Initiator of Ibadan Entrepreneurs. Lets go hear her Achievements as she pours out her heart to Ibadan….


success story, ibadan entrepreneurs,mrs adeleke

The Beauty behind Ibadan Entrepreneurs, Mrs Adeleke Oyeleke



Her Story

Introduce Yourself to Ibadan, Tell them Your Name And Greet Them In The Native Dialect

Mrs Adeleke: (laughing) My name is Mrs Oyenike Adeleke. An Ibadan Indigene, Born and Bred in Oje,Beere area of Ibadan. ‘Omo Ibadan, kinni s-ow, s-ow sure’, se wa daadaa'( in ibadan dialect).

I had my primary school at All Saints and secondary school at Queens school, Apata.  MY degrees were from University of Ibadan. Am married to an Oyo State indigene, with three lovely kids. I can say all my life has been centered round ibadan( except when on vacation). So I can proudly say I am Ibadan Itself!

Who were you before Marketlink Global Resources that birthed Ibadan Entrepreneurs

Mrs Adeleke: I have always loved Marketing. After College, I got white collar jobs, but yet I was not satisfied.I wanted to do things on my own terms. I wanted to impart lives. But then I got married, so I needed to be more available for my family. This was how I got the idea of Marketlink Global Resources. Because I have always loved marketing and meeting people, I decided to meet Companies and train their marketers. From there some companies asked for marketers, so we started recruiting for companies. And Marketlink grew from there on and It is still flourishing till today.

ibadan ,ibadan mindset makeover, with ibadan entreprenuers

Mrs Adeleke being welcomed into Jetheights by CEO Ayo Alex Alao

mrs adeleke, ibadan entrepreneurs crew

With the Crew Ibadan Entrepreneurs, Jetheights CEO Manager

How Have You Coped With Doing All Of These And Being A Good Wife And A Blessed Mother

Mrs Adeleke: Thank God for a good husband. My husband has been outstandingly supportive. I call him my only legitimate boyfriend( laughs!!). He has been a mentor and a true friend. My children have been supportive, though I give them the needed attention. Once they close from school , I also close from work. But in all these things, What I know is that I do what I love. So its not stressful to me. I find joy everyday, combining all these commitments and responsibilities. That is why as a woman , you need to discover your passion, because there lies your comfort and happiness.

The Impression Is, Ibadan Is Slow, Backward And Lagging, What Do You Have To Say To That, Would You Rather Debunk?

Mrs Adeleke:  Yes I will say It is Indeed Slow, because the people here are slow. One thing we fail to realise is we are ibadan and ibadan is us. The impression we created over the years is Ibadan is just too backward, not knowing that we are responsible for that. We confess this daily, and we have been living like that. An average Ibadan business person will not open his/her store until 10/11 am. If you ask, they tell you, no customer come that early. That is the attitude . And then we complain people take businesses to other states like Lagos, please tell me why won’t they? This attitude has to be addressed.

Your Acquisition Centre Has Trained Hundreds, Any Provision As Per Start-up Loans

Mrs Adeleke:  Yes we have been able to train hundreds of young school leavers and even jobless graduates. There are loan opportunities, but the only challenge is peoples’ attitude. When opportunities come like that from our partnering banks, we introduce our entrepreneurs, and then they would not have credible papers for the loan. Some business individuals in ibadan will not have TIN numbers, I mean no company registration papers. No bank will give money without those basic requirements.  These and more are the challenges with loans.  Like I said earlier, these care-free attitudes must stop in ibadan.

How Has It Been With Training Physically Challenged Individuals

Mrs Adeleke:  Splendid is the word! Its been an emotional endeavor, yet we kept at it and we have quite a number of them living  fulfilled lives. They do well in cake baking, ankara shoe and bag making, photography and more. They are a joyful lot and have been an encouragement to us. We really want to do more.

success, ibadan, the needed change

Mrs Adeleke feeling cool with what she does- Imparting businesses


mrs adeleke, ibadan mindset makeover, ibadan businesses


Can You Say Ibadan Has Been Responsive To This Entrepreneurial Cry For Change

Mrs Adeleke: Highly encouraging, Ibadan has been. So many business men and women wish to do things differently and so this intervention woke them from their slumber. We have over 200 membership, and its still growing. Lots have to change in Ibadan city when it comes to business. And this, is our cry and passion for years.


What Is The Need For This Programme

Mrs Adeleke: IBADAN MINDSET MAKEOVER( the theme for the program) is what Ibadan needs right now. Like I said, and I use to say. Ibadan mindset has to be restructured. We need to change the way we do things, business, and even our relationship with quite a lot of things. This smear on garment of Ibadan has to be washed off, and we dorn a new mentality. Hence this programme.

How Many Speakers And What Are Their Core Speaking Points

Mrs Adeleke:  We have Jimi Tewe, Lanre Olushola and Tunji Babajide. 3 speakers in all. They are mindblowers and they are coming to address this lag and slug in Ibadan businesses. They will be talking about Your unique selling point, i.e what stands you out in business, Cocktail of business and Ibadan business Mindset.

In This Time Of Recession, How Were You Able To Bring This Business Motivational Icons Together( smiles)

Mrs Adeleke: laughs!! Recession did not affect at ALL. These are individuals that are caught up with touching lives. They want a change for Ibadan as well. Like Jimi Tewe is from Ibadan, So he is coming home, more like. And then the power of networking( which is highly essential in business) also helped.

ibadan for change, jetheights with ibadan entrepreneurs

Networking with success stories, Jetheights CEO, Ibadan Mindset Makeover

Why Two Sessions

Mrs Adeleke: Yes, so that we can have enough time to talk about a lot of things. Ibadan needs to hear a lot, and when I say Ibadan I mean you and I.  No much time but there are lots to say.

Why Is The Evening Session(Dinner) Not Free Like The Morning Session

Mrs Adeleke:  This is because we want a sense of commitment and dedication in people. You know we tend to abuse what it is not paid for. So that stipend charge is just to make people want to attend. And moreso, there will be  alot of brands to be met. Companies are coming from all over the south western states, so you can bet a lot of networking will take place.

Your Anticipations After The Programme

Mrs Adeleke: My expectation is Change! In the ibadan business life. Change! Change!! Change!!! and that is what we will see.

Any Other Event Soon

Mrs Adeleke: Yes we are starting this monthly meeting, where we bring successful business individuals to come share their woes and journey with start-ups. They become shoulders on which some new SMEs can stand on. These meetings are restricted to members only though.

Are You Extending To Other South Western States, And To Other Parts of Africa Eventually

Mrs Adeleke: Yes by God’s grace. Soon enough. Once we have done our quota In Ibadan, Oyo State, then we could extend our tentacles.

Any Last Word To Ibadan Entrepreneurs And Business Individuals All over

Mrs Adeleke: Ibadan, my people, let us change our mentality. If we don’t change, then ibadan is not going to change. It is our duty, prerogative and role to push it forward so that we could stand shoulder to shoulder with our other counterparts. God bless Ibadan,God bless Nigeria, God bless You!

Thanks for Coming.

To Attend IBADAN MINDSET MAKEOVER,coming up on 18th March 2017, 12 noon, Dial 08028834848.

Ibadan!! book your ticket for the evening session and expect a total all round Change!

ibadan entrepreneurs, jetheights services, success icons

Jetheights CEO, Ibadan Entrepreneurs, Success Stories

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