“I Will Pull Through”, – Uganda’s Gen. Katumba Says After Attempted Assassination


After surviving an attempted assassination Tuesday morning, Uganda’s Minister of Works and Transport,  Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has assured his family that he will ‘pull through’.


In a 42-second video clip released from his hospital bed  Gen. Wamala said, “All my children, I will be fine, I have survived, we have lost Brenda, but that’s God’s plan, she did nothing to this world. The bad guys have done it but God has given me a second chance, i will pull through, don’t worry, i don’t have bad injuries, only the arms but I’ll be fine. The doctors are doing everything possible, I love you guys please pray for mummy, mummy is in a terrible state. Those who can come, please come and bury Brenda, bye.”



A group of gunmen shot at a car in which Gen. Wamala and his daughter were riding, in the Kampala suburb of Kiasasi, on Tuesday morning.


The general’s daughter, Brenda Wamala Nantongo and his driver, Haruna Kayondo, were killed.


Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni says the government is tracking down the general’s would-be assassins.


“We already have clues to those killers. Besides, the new system of digital beacons on all vehicles and Boda Bodas will eliminate the misuse of vehicles and Boda Bodas to commit crimes,” President Museveni said. “The pigs who do not value life shot at Gen. Katumba killed his daughter and driver and injured him. Condolences on the loss of the two Ugandans.”


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