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“I Will Lock Mugabe and Museveni in Prison if I Become President” -Donald Trump Vows

Washington DC – US business mogul Donald Trump has put Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Ugandan President on notice, vowing to deal with them ruthlessly when he ascends to Presidency.

Speaking while addressing war veterans in Washington, Trump warned other like minded dictators who want to die in power, that their time is up and its just a matter of time before they face justice.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses supporters during a campaign stop at the Trump National Doral Miami resort, Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 in Doral, Fla. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)


“I want to reiterate here before America’s greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda”

Mugabe and Museveni must be put on notice that their days are numbered and that I am going to arrest them and lock them in prison. If the past American administrations have failed to stop these two despots, I will personally do it”

Mugabe and Museveni have given the world enough troubles and its about time someone puts to an end all these madness for peace to prevail” said an unapologetic Trump.

If Obama fears them, I will never fear them. If clinton and Bush feared them, If the Pope kneels before them, I will never be reduced to that level. I will never be cowed. I promise to clean all the political mess around the world and promote international justice,” added Trump arrogantly.

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  1. All culprits of being dictators should be done away with like the above mentioned. this will promot peace, unity and order in the whole world. business will grow that leads to good relationship in between states.

    • Should he became president, his juridictions will be limited to his country, how the hell he wanna arrest a president of a sovereign country? And what Mugabe has 2 do with his campaign?

      • Every school has a headmaster. Think of him as the world’s headmaster. Because he is bigger, older, richer, and wiser than you, and you are simply a dumb a$$ student, that’s why.

        • What the F*U***C*K is wrong with you dumb negga..!! @ Blacqaffairs. No wonder you come from a shit*h*ole…you mothaf*ucka*. We will soon BURN america down…God Bless the United States of Africa! It is a whole new world bby..

    • America’s President is not the World President incase he don’t know and you .. How does Mugabe affect you living cause um pretty sure you not from Zimbabwe so whats your problem with him .. These guys are just angry with the Zimbabwean mineral richies they are not able to get hold of because of mugabe lol …

      • Zimbabwes mineral resources. If they had all this wealth, then how come half their people go to bed on empty stomachs. Even if Zimbabwe was free, most Americans don’t want it.

  2. hahahaha. i imagine Trump at the UN, “Yu mother fuckin Ban Ki Moon,lazy good for nothing African bums, Brazzilian idiots, Japanes shorties, arab assholes, french drunks and boring Russian, bow to the great america i made great again”

    • Sounds very much like mud hut moron Mugape’s ranting about the West. We say, “Down down down Blair!!!” Bwahahahaha The west is tired of feeding starving Zimbo’s who have to mix cow dung with those meagre UN rations to keep the wolf from the door. You have a big mouth, don’t ask me to feed it.

      • Your understanding of international affairs seems really limited and ignorant like Tramp is. Do yu even know where Zimbabwe is geographically. and oh we don’t have wolves in our country. If America could just decide not trading with us and leave our trade payments which by WorldBank/IMF/UN agreements have to pass through your country we could not be begging as we have enough resources to sustain the economy if you remove ZIDERA. why has there been no Act to restrict trade for Iran, North Korea, Syria, why Zimbabwe. we have a saying in Zimbabwe a soccer analog “him with the ball is the one marked by opponents” if there was nothing Zim can influence on the world stage then US Presidents would as one of your American rappers sang “ignore it til it feds away’ but you wont because we tell the truth and are principled enough to not relent

  3. Trump would be the number 1 despot if he ascends to power. ” I promise to clear all the political mess around the world……”. Dictators are made up of people who have an inflated perception of their mandate. So Trump thinks being the president of US gives him the mandate to organize the world as he and his fellow republicans feel it should be? He would soon realize that others are not inclined to play along and then begin to use the military power at his disposal to push forward his agenda. That is the staff that produces Third World War!

    • Mugape would be the number 1 world despot, assuming he was not the leader of a dirt poor Afreecan country. 5+ million of his citizens have fled and live as refugees. What other country in the world did not pay their entire civil service over the Christmas period 2015, except maybe North Korea? Mugape’s corrupt logic is infecting the entire sub Saharan continent, leading to mass poverty and destitution.

  4. Latin America
    Mexico mayor killed less than a day after taking office(
    Al Jazeera English)…Top 10 Countries that are USA’s Allies “GUESSWHO COMES IN @ # 5 ???? ARE YOU READY MR. TRUMP…..5. Mexico


    Mexico or the United Mexican States is one of the neighbors of the United States of America. Not only do they share a land border, but also a maritime in Northern America. Both countries share extensive bilateral economic ties. Numerous treaties has been signed by both the countries, prominent of them are the Gadsden Purchase and the famous North American Free Trade Agreement. Though militarily, Mexico chose not to take part in the Iraq war and left the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, yet both the nations fought side by side in the Libyan civil war. Though, their relationship has faced problems such as illegal immigration and drug trade across the border, both nations have been found to be extremely united on the International front. Source:Listaka word to wise mabe its time for friends to concern their selves with their ” so-called” friends woes as if I were Mexico I’d be offended we are not living in Zimbabwe or Uganda you dam BITCH but we are your fucking allies right next living living this fucking hell….FOOD FOR THOUGHT TO ANY UP & COMING

  5. Mr trump acknowledge the facts that u have privilege to got what you re 2day.pls what re they committed to You or any1 kindly identify and listed its ….U American always have one thing in minds to destroy other humanity and safety in others for Ransom and greed.,once u become president or not don’t just used flash judgment against them but remember 1day u will also be judge??? STOP target OUr LEADERS pls…..

      • 5 million Zimbo’s have fled across crocodile infested rivers to escape a certain slow death from starvation related illness. The entire civil service was not paid over the Christmas period. The country is a sick joke.

        • you blaccqrubbish what do you know about zimbabwe, whats the zimbabwean population? do you the meaning of soveregnity , your fucken truph is some kind of nonsense only you fucken stupidity personality pple listen to yo fellow

  6. This ugly and fat old Trump would die the first day he wins elections. 1. He is racist 2. He is arrogant 3. plenty of contempt. To me America would attract all dooms if this stinking bastard ascends on to power!

    • Sure he knows that very well, because he keeps seeing begging letters from those countries asking for UN food supplies to feed their starving citizens. And he’s getting tired of giving his hard earned $’s to Afreakan beggars who are too mentally retarded to feed their big mouths.


    • Very funny dude… Adriaan You think killing people is God plan? just because of one man…. Because this guys says no to foreign interference, manipulation huh, lot more of you have created and you guys think alike. God have mercy on his ignorance and that of yours ( if you live in the state peacefully let that be… think about the kids you see, the smile on their face and that of their family and let the world be at peace) We all get scared moving around lately due to some thought like ‘let pull dem down” we don’t want this again… we want a world full of peace enough of the control and the power drunk…. hmm.
      If Africa has not been around i am sure you will have not experienced what you experience now. so Shout the hell up and let Africa Be.
      If Africa had leaders like this two we will charge the international community for mass killing of innocent souls, stealing and manipulation. Do you want this people too at your shores. you don’t know shit so shout up…..

  8. Has Trump run out of what to say in terms of how he will move the US forward from where it is? Zim and Uganda are far from America. We haven’t had wars in Zimbabwe and Uganda and what this would be president of the US wants to bring that to the fore. We have had them for as long as you can remember, can you point at any tenets of war like thee ones you are about to bring… Shame on you. This is Africa and you are in America, no Zimbabwean or Ugandan will vote for you because they don’t have the right to do. Tell the Americans what you will do for them and not that you will use tax payers money to arrest presidents in Africa who are trying their very best to serve their people. Do a self introspection of where you are and arrest the ones that need to be arrested there. If we see that the dual need to be arrested we will take the needed steps to do so.AFRICA IS FOR AFRICANS DON’T INTERFERE IN THE AFFAIRS.

  9. Trump, U r n idiot. No ones going to tolerate U, u piece of scum. Your country is deep in shit, now owned by the Chinese n U can only take it deeper into the mire.
    U r a brainless twit n U will NEVER dictate to anyone outside the USA. Anywhere else, we will roast U like a pig that U r.
    Now shut your mouth….

    • Verti it is you who has the big mouth. I guess you want Donald to feed it because Robber Mugape is begging for free UN food again.

  10. Donald Trump is a rich “White Elitist”and also a “Pathological Liar”,who thinks the “World” revolves around him. Who do every and anything to feed his ego and is willing to bring down the “United States” Of “America”. To achieve his quest, the “Presidency”of the “United States” !!!!

  11. Somebody should slap trump’s mouth for talking shit! He started by bashing Mexicans, calling black people lazy and whinny whilst forgetting that they build his country from slavery, allowing a muslim woman to be chucked out during one of his campaign. Now this!!? WTF!

    • It was the enterprise culture that made America great. Their technology brain. Yes slavery made a few very rich, but not the majority working class.

    • Ain’t it funny how millions of illegal Mexican immigrants flood into the USA, they must love being bashed slaves!!! So you can explain this phenomena?

  12. They don’t teach US Constitution at the Hogwarts School of Business. He still needs to be briefed that the US Constitution ends at the US shores.

  13. If I could I would vote for Donald Trump. He has guts and to put that dictators in jail would only benefit those countries and the people that suffer from the attrocities of their leaders. Greedy lot. Think not of their people only their bank accounts while their people starve and live in utmost poverty!!!!

  14. So he can take over the countries! Those are the ones who are harder to pay off. I just hope Black Americans wake up and do not allow it if he does become President.


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