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I Was Fractured But Pope Francis Touched Me And His Prayers Healed Me- Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni

President Museveni revealed that Pope Francis petitioned God for him when he had a cracked arm and he almost lost hope.

Mr Museveni who has been Uganda’s leader for over 30 years says Pope prayed for him when they met in New York .

“I had broken my hand coincidentally by hitting something and when I met him (Pope Francis), some way or another we were in a similar room in the UN General Assembly. I was originating from the platform subsequent to making a discourse and he would make his, so he appealed to God for me and my cracked hand got recuperated,” President Museveni said drawing in praise from the assembly.

President Museveni was giving his testimony at the celebrations to mark 50 years’ anniversary of Kampala Archdiocese at Namugongo Catholic Shrine.

He said: “I salute the Cardinal (Fernando Filoni) from Rome. Pope Francis has become a good friend of ours. You remember he came here to celebrate the anniversary of the martyrs.”

President Museveni described the Golden Jubilee as a day of giving thanks to God for the protection through the turbulent period 1966 to 1986 where about 800,000 people were killed extra-judiciary.


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