“I Was Asked to Whiten My Skin for Success”: French-Malian Artist Aya Nakamura

The famous French-Malian artist Aya Nakamura was interviewed this week by Inroks magazine. This is the cream right now and all the media want to tear it off.

In her interview with the magazine People, the artist came back on this controversy concerning her skin colour.

Aya has not finished telling her story to the whole world especially the affronts she had to wipe to be at the top of her musical career.

From a dark past to an ascent, Aya explains how her skin color has caused her so much trouble. During his career he was asked to whiten his skin.


“Wherever I went in, the first thing was my skin color. I have been offered several times to whiten my skin for success. Or put lighter foundation to reach a wider audience “

She adds: “It’s difficult to be a black woman in this environment, I struggled. But I did not let that stop me. I do not want to be a victim, “says the one that young people listen to today and that turns everything it touches into a real success.

Today we can say that Aya Nakamura knows where she is heading. With its ebony color, the singer can worthily represent her continent on all the stages of the whole world and that for her, it is a real pride.

Credit: Afrikmag


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