I Want To Be A Banker, Says Former Nigerian Herder Who Hawks Kolanut In Suit


Zubairu Suleiman, a hawker who wears a suit to sell kolanut, says he wants to become a banker.

The 24-year-old hawker said he supports his family in Kaduna with the money he makes while selling in traffic at Karu Bridge, Abuja.

He spoke of his aspiration in an interview with BBC Pidgin.

“I want to find money, and go to school again. I want to be a banker. I like bankers,” he said.

“I dress like this, I sell kolanuts inside traffic at Karu Bridge. I have been selling Kolanut for 3 years.

“I left my village to come to Abuja to make money. Before I came here, I was a herdsman.

“I came to Abuja to find money, and send the money to my father and brother to buy cows and continue operating the business.”


The Kaduna-born hawker said he likes his style of dressing, noting that critics who have said his dressing does not fit the kolanut business should introduce him to a venture more befitting.

“I respect this suit, even when there is heat, it is of no concern to me, I like the way I dress,” he said.

“Kolanut business is big for me. People say my swag is too much, saying the swag is not for kolanut sellers but I always tell them if you don’t like my business, give me another job that is bigger than this.”

Suleiman said he plans to get married next year, adding that his fiancée is waiting for him in Kaduna.

“Only one year left for me to get married, I gave a girlfriend in my village, so I want to marry her one from now,” he said.

“My girlfriend likes this dress too. I like the dress, and if she doesn’t like my dress, she doesn’t like me.”




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