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‘I Stopped Smoking Because I Feared Michelle Like Death’- Former Head Of State, Barack Obama Who Was Once A ‘Chimney’- Photos

Former United States of America president Barack Obama was once a chain smoker. Even his friends and colleagues could testify to his smoking habit.

He however stopped this habit the moment he got together with Michelle, the former First Lady of the United States.

Speaking to Politico, former House Speaker John Boehner stated that Obama quit smoking because he fears Michelle to death.

He’s scared to death of his wife. Scared to Death,” said Boehner. He was not ready to lose the trust and loyalty of the woman.

Michelle is a stern woman when it comes to such derogatory attitude. Whether it was stopped for the love he has for Michelle or because he was already thinking of the health risks he was constituting, the Ex President stopped and now sees smoking as his past.


Boehner added that he never saw Obama smoke a cigarette while at the White House.

Image result for barack obama smoking

Image result for barack obama smoking

The former leader of the Republican Party who himself smokes two packets a day revealed that Obama was instead chewing Nicorette at one of their meetings recently.


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