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“I love Africa, All My Actions In Africa Was For The Welfare Of Its People” – Nicolas Sarkozy!!

On all the media and social networks, one speaks only of the polemic of Nicolas Sarkozy and yet this man has so much love for Africa. Nicolas Sarkozy is a Frenchman and a convinced European who has a clear vision of the international situation based on the exploitation of Africa. He has, however, become the great friend of the Africans by his actions. You will see that all the actions he carried out were for the welfare of the Africans

Its actions

Nicolas Sarkozy’s actions in Africa have been detrimental to Africans, like those of any French president, from De Gaulle to Francois Hollande. But the manner and the vanity with which this man put these acts finally brought the Africans from the deep sleep in which they have been plunged since the dawn of time, because each time the friend Nicolas takes care to pass a message Clear to his friends, the Africans. Let us take a few examples:


The speech of Dakar: In a single speech, Nicolas Sarkozy explained, out loud, how Westerners consider Africans.

– Nicolas Sarkozy’s letter to Laurent Gbagbo: The Africans have not yet digested that Nicolas Sarkozy is launching a threat to Gbagbo and his wife on television. Yet the other presidents did and continue to do so, but not in front of television as our friend.

– The bombing of the presidency of Cote d’Ivoire: For decades, Africans do not care that the buildings of their presidency belong to France or that there are tunnels between this presidency and the embassy of France. On the other hand they are shocked that France come bombard its property in African soil.

– The BCEAO: The breakage of this central bank by rebels backed by France and the transfer of signatures, for the Ivorian assets, from Gbagbo the President to Ouattara the Rebel plunged the Africans into cold water full of ice. They understand better that the FCFA does not belong to them and that monetary sovereignty is paramount.


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