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“I Know the People Who Killed Ebony,” Says A Ghanaian Prophet (Video)

A famous Ghanaian prophet, Reindolf Oduro Gyebi, known as the eagle prophet revealed that he knows the people responsible for the death of Ebony Reigns.

This man of God claims that the singer herself gave him in the dream the names of the people who killed him.

Speaking during an interview on Peace FM, Prophet Reindolf said that although he knows the names of the ‘assassins’, he will not give their identities out of respect for the deceased.


“I know the people who killed her. I have the list … out of respect for the deceased, I will not mention the names of these people, “he said.

However, he asked Ebony’s family to meet him to find out about these people and act accordingly.

“The family should act accordingly, it should try to see me immediately so I can give them the list of his killers.”

The Dancehall singer died in a road accident on February 8th. His funeral will be held this Friday.


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