“I Knocked Down The Statue Of Saddam Hussein, Now I Want Him To Come Back” – El Jabouri

Khaddim Hassan El Jabouri is the man that the world saw in 2003 debunk the statue of Saddam Hussein during the fall of Baghdad. However, a few years later, the man explains to the BBC that he deeply regrets his gesture.

“When I learned that the Americans had reached the outskirts of Baghdad, I was very happy,” said Khaddim Hassan El Jabouri. So happy that one of the first things this Iraqi will do is to attack the statue of Saddam Hussein. But years passed and the man changed his mind and recently declared to the BBC regret his gesture.

He believes that the country was doing much better in the days of Saddam Hussein.

 The man hated Sadam because he had been imprisoned for a month during his tenure

The 58-year-old man’s statement was released on Wednesday, the day the Chilcot report was released on the United Kingdom’s decision, particularly Tony Blair, to go to war against Iraq in 2003.

At the time of Saddam Hussein, Jabouri had spent a month and a half in prison. Previously, he was the mechanic of the Iraqi Raïs for his two-wheelers. But he had suddenly lost his favor and ended up in prison.

“After the fall of the regime, things started to get worse,” he says on BBC’s camera.

The man speaks of corruption, looting, and interfaith conflict. For him, the crimes committed by Saddam Hussein are very small compared to those of current governments.

“When I go to the place where the statue was, I feel pain and I am ashamed” .

For him, those responsible for the fall of the country are Blair and Bush. They “must be brought to justice, because with their lies, they drove Iraq to ruin. It turned out that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

He greatly regrets his gesture. He even says that if he could, he would erect a new one. “Today when I go to the place where the statue was, I feel pain and I am ashamed.”


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