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I Had Come Too Far – Boyfriend of Woman With One Leg Double The Size of Another

– Boyfriend of woman with one leg twice the size of the other not worried about her abnormality

– He says he is too much into her to see that as a barrier

– Meagan developed a condition at age 15, preventing her from dancing

Rob says he is not bothered by Meagan's condition

Meagan and boyfriend Rob

Boyfriend of a 25-year-old college student, Meagan Barnard is not bothered about the abnormality with her leg as an individual.

Rob, the boyfriend of Meagan noted that though, Meagan tried to hide it from him, he had noticed her abnormality a long time ago. He added that he is so in love with Meagan that her abnormality did not matter to him.

“I had come too far”, she stressed.

Rob further added that he knew she would tell him about her condition when she was ready, hence he laid in waiting until Meagan was ready to talk about it.


Yahoo news reports that Meagan is constantly bullied by school because her right leg is twice bigger than her left leg. In an interview, Meagan revealed that people do ask her all sorts of questions about how she can live with herself with such an abnormality?

Meagan recounts that at age 15 she developed a condition called Lymphedema which caused fluid to build up in her right leg making it larger than her left leg. She said she felt devastated when she was told that she had to live with the condition for the rest of my life.

Meagan who loved dancing noted that her condition shattered that dream of being comfortable and dancing. On how she is living with the condition, Meagan says she spends an hour each day using a special compression machine to relieve the pressure in her leg. She admits that finding clothes she can fit into is also a challenge.

Meagan says her only option to get clothes is to buy large pants online because in stores she says she only sees skinny jeans.

Barnard is so self-conscious about her legs that she hides it from everyone including her boyfriend, Rob, whom she has been dating for nine months.



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