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“I Fortify 1,700 Prophets In Africa, Including Nigeria’s TB Joshua” – Ghanaian Juju Priest, Bonsam

A juju priest in Ghana has claimed that he fortifies more than 1,700 pastors in Africa.

Two years ago, a Ghanaian witch doctor, Priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam, was at war with Nigeria and Africa’s most popular seer, Prophet T.B Joshua, where he vowed to expose the Nigerian man of God and run him out of his country.

The very powerful juju priest who is also called Devil of Wednesday, had also claimed that Prophet Joshua killed the late former Ghana President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, who was one of Joshua’s best friends and adherent.

This time around, Bonsam says he is actually behind the powers of more than 1,700 preachers in Africa his number one enemy, TB Joshua, claiming the men of God come to him for fortification to perform miracles and healing.

Nigeria’s top prophet, TB Joshua

Devil of Wednesday further went on to say:


“Over 1, 700 pastors and so called men of God from different parts of Africa have approached me, seeking powers to perform miracles, including Prophet T.B Joshua from Nigeria. He is my boy. I challenge him to come out and deny this.

Apart from the pastors, many prominent business people and celebrated church founders in Africa frequent my shrine for my services and if they deny, I am going to name them.”

Bonsam, who operates from a shrine at Sa-Peiman, a village on the outskirts of Nsawam in east Ghana, said his god is called Kofi-Kofi and provides him with supernatural powers that are desperately needed by pastors from all walks of life.

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  1. This is good stuff for fools, people without a critical thinking mind. Logically, if this DOG “fortifies” 1700 African prophets, it means only adds. To fortify means to strengthen what is already strong. If the dog said, ” i created 1,700 African prophets” That would have meant something else. Secondly, If out of the 1,700, he cannot name 10, only TB Josh. is named, then it means the rest are not powerful and not worth naming. Then he is not powerful enough because all his 1,700 prophets should have been like TB Joshua. Thirdly, he the dog would have been more popular than TB Joshua and the rest. Now he is an unknown dog who cannot only be known by ridding on the soldiers of GREAT man of GOD, then this story is for hungry, naked African kids. Again no such man can say he does such a thing because it would be spoiling his business as future clients would be scared of the scandal. CONCLUSION: Prophet TB Joshua is too big and too popular that anybody who calls his name becomes great even nitwit freelance jobless reporters. Mr. Which Doctor, you need deliverance so meet TB Joshua for help. Or if you are sure, prove it by becoming a bigger prophet than TB Joshua healing people without seeing them and prophesy on what i am sitting to write these comments, which fingers i use and what i dreamed on June 15th, 2016!

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