I Find It Offensive When People Refer To My Son As “Black.” – African American Actor, Taye Diggs

The 44 year old actor who has a 6 year old son Walker Nathaniel Diggs, with former wife, actress and singer Idina Mendez (of Frozen) wrote a piece about race where he said he finds it offensive when people refer to his son as “black.”. What he wrote below…

“The first book I wrote, Chocolate Me, was based on my experiences growing up a little chocolate boy in a predominantly white neighborhood, and how I would get made fun of, and how through my mother and father and my own recognition, I was able to develop the power of self love,”


“My new book [Mixed Me] is kind of along similar lines for my son, even though in this day and age he’s going to have less of an issue being mixed than I did. It’s a book of self love and self appreciation and knowing that you are special regardless of what people will say about you because people will always say stuff,”



Diggs then turned his focus to President Obama, whom is often described as the first black U.S. president when in fact he’s biracial. Diggs hopes that soon society will begin to identify Obama more often as mixed.


“As African Americans we were so quick to say ‘okay he’s black he’s black,’ and then there were the white people who were afraid to say he was biracial because who knows. . . It would be great if it didn’t matter and that people could call him mixed. We’re still choosing to make that decision, and that’s when I think you get into some dangerous



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  1. My sons (17) don’t call mixed race people black. They call them mixed. The notion of calling them black extends from the days of slavery in the south when as long as you had any black blood you would be categorized as black, less than human so you could be enslaved. The classification supported the institution of slavery which really the blatant, unconscionable exploitation of another person.

  2. Taye Diggs is obviously carrying some serious baggage from being ridiculed during his childhood. Being offended when his son is called black is ridiculous and smacks at “self hatred.” And sorry but his son will be called “black” probably all his life…just because black people come in all different shades & his son looks…well like a light skinned black boy…..So, instead of being offended-Mr. Diggs should be introducing his son to the positive aspects of “that side” of his heritage and making sure that his son doesn’t grow up(as he did) being ashamed of his BLACK side!

  3. It’s a shame that we are still being defined by others. It is only one group of people who came to this country along time ago (slave’s ) against there will.
    Every twenty years we seem to a new identity ( slave, darkey, negro, nigger, colored, black and now afro American ) .
    The term mixed should never be used, you are only considerd one of two ,WHITE AND NON WHITE . When you choose to have bio racial relationships be prepared for the REAL WORLD and prepare the non white children that might come out of this relationship to be strong and don’t let no one else make them feel less than a man.

  4. Last Fourth of July, in a few short minutes as we adults watched the teenager among us talking to the police, we saw Hunter become a little more like us, her faith a little shaken, her place in the world a little less stable. Hunter, who is biracial and lives with her white mother in a heavily white area, had not been exposed to the policing many black Americans face. She was about to be.

    On the phone, she could offer only the most generic of suspect descriptions, which apparently made the officer on the other end of the line suspicious. By way of explanation, Hunter told the officer she was just 16. The police called her back: once, twice, then three times, asking her for more information. The interactions began to feel menacing. “I’m not from here,” Hunter said. “I’ve told you everything I know.”

    The fourth time the police called, she looked frightened. Her interrogator asked her, “Are you really trying to be helpful, or were you involved in this?” She turned to us, her voice aquiver. “Are they going to come get me?”

    “See,” one of us said, trying to lighten the mood. “That’s why we don’t call them.”

    We all laughed, but it was hollow.

  5. Quiet as its kept, 90% of Aa in this country are MIXED. This country’sinstitutional racism created a system that maintains today the “one drop” distinction. Tye Diggs’ criticism is misdirect AND shows a Distain for his heritage and that of his people

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