“I Feel Beautiful….Because I Am” – Nigerian Amputee, Adenike Embraces Her Body

Adenike Oyetunde, Nigerian initiator of Amputee United is embracing her body as she embarks on a new adventure…learning how to swim. She posted these photos on her Instagram page and wrote:

 “It’s easier for people like me to wear tank tops, sleeveless tops, above-knee skirts(because I don’t have fat arms, or stretch marks); but, I have realised, not everyone is this confident.


Some can’t because they don’t like their bodies, others are scared of what people will say. (P.s: please work on your body, if you really want a change) but in the mean time, LOVE your body. Embrace your body. That’s all you’ve got.
Today, I applaud bodies that have carried humans and are not as they used to.

I applaud bodies that are undergoing some panel beating. I applaud me, for going out of my comfort zone to agree to doing this. As I prepare to learn to swim  (don’t postpone things oh, old age na wa), I love my body now, and will do even later. I feel very beautiful, because I am. So should you..#EmbraceYourBody



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