“I do not feel at all First Lady”, France’s Brigitte Macron Makes Unbelievable Revelations

In an interview with Paris Match, Brigitte Macron made some surprising revelations about her First Lady status and more.

“In my head, I am the wife of Emmanuel Macron, not the wife of the President. I do not feel at all First lady. You have this responsibility that falls on you to represent the French and the French but otherwise, I live a normal life. I meet people. I have not changed in my head, or in my way of life, “suggested Brigitte Macron.

Suspicious, she does not hide it!

Brigitte has made comments that suggest warnings to her husband about his entourage.

“Do not forget that I read La Fontaine a lot and that I did it for a long time to study my students. These monkey monkeys, rats, foxes … who embody flattery throughout fables rich in teachings, taught me to be wary of the entourage and praise … “, she explained to the newspaper.


Thus, some observers have questioned the overtones of the First Lady and have even assimilated these remarks to the case of Alexander Benalla. For those who have not followed the news, it is a close Macron who was filmed brutalizing demonstrators on May 1.

“I want to be a groupie, not a potiche”

For Brigitte Macron, it is his duty to comply with the protocol without pestering.

“If I’m next to my husband, it’s not vanity, but because today, in society, women have their place with men,” she says. “When I accompany him abroad, I abide by the protocol and uses that the protocol dictates. I want to be a groupie, not a potiche! “


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