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‘I Didn’t Settle Any Sensual Harassment Case’ – America’s Longest-serving Black Rep., John Conyers Refutes Allegations


America’s longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), is said to have secretly settled a sensual assault case in 2014 after a female issued complains.

Reporters unveiled the affidavits from the former members of staff who allege Mr. Conyers made several sensual advances to the female employees.

Some of the actions include caressing their hands sensually, making sensual requests, and rubbing their back and legs in public.

Conyers is also accused of transporting and contacting many other ladies whom his staffers believe the Rep., was having multiple love relationships with.

One staffer said that: “One of my primary duties while working for Conyers was, keeping a list of females whom I believed he’s having affairs with.”

The witness adds that “I would call them at Re. Conyers’ request and, at times, have them transported in using the Congressional resources.”

The lady at the heart of this whole story—who has opted to remain anonymous—says she was sacked for refusing Conyers’ sexual advances.


The woman later faced an uphill war which came to an end after she signed a confidentiality settlement in return for $27,000. The settlement, however, came from Rep. Conyers’ office funds and not the legally designated budget for settlements.

In order to receive the $27,111.75 over three months, the woman in question was directed to not come again into the Conyer’s office; nor do any work. She was eventually removed from the payroll.

Conyers, however, has denied saying that he doesn’t know anything about any harassment allegation and that he also heard the story for the first time through watching TV.

“I’ve been looking at them in amazement,” the rep., said about the claims of sexual harassment that have recently been made against the politicians and men in general.

The reports were shared by pro-Trump personality—Mike Cernovich—who claims that he has provided the documents to ‘Buzzfeed News’ for further reporting and vetting.

Cernovich is the famous propagandist who distributed several false conspiracy stories during the 2016 presidential election including the widely known “Pizzagate.”

According to the law, sexual harassment cases usually require very many days to be solved.

Since the Congress doesn’t have a human resources department, the congressional workers—according to the law—usually have 180-days to report their sexual harassment claims to the ‘Office of Compliance.’

Those claims then result in a process that often includes mediation and counseling and requires that parties sign a confidentiality agreement. After that, a complaint can proceed forward.

The affected employee can then decide either to take their case to an administrative hearing or federal district court, where negotiations and settlements may follow.


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