“I Did Not Intend To Kill Him!” The Late Mowzey’s Killer Begs For Leniency

Wamala Godfrey also known as Troy has come out to beg the late Radio Mowzey’s family and fans forgiveness for the accident that claimed the singer’s life.

So far he has been in and out of court for almost two months as the police continue to investigate; what actually took place on the night that Mowzey hit his head on the floor.


Speaking during a court session, Troy confessed that Mowzey accidentally slide from his hands and hit the floor. In his own words as reported Mowzey said;

“I didnt intend to kill Mowzey Radio. He just slid from my hands and unfortunately hit his head on the ground. Please forgive me.”

His plea however contradicts what had earlier been reported by most tabloids. Godfrey Wamala was said to have pounded on Mowzey on 22nd January before the singer succumbed on his head injuries on 1st February.


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