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“I Bleach My Skin Because I Want People To See My Tattoos & Because I Admire Michael Jackson” – Ghanaian Musician

An artist who lives in the field of Ghanaian dancehall has made astounding confessions that have shocked the entire music industry in Ghana.

According to the musician, known as Cash King, he represents the devil on earth and he was sent to govern dancehall music in Ghana.

To this end, he states:

I bleach my skin because I want people to see the tattoos I have on my body and because I admire Michael Jackson and want to be like him.


The young 20-year-old musician insisted that he carries his occult skeletal tattoos on his body, as it is an important mark for him as a member of his secret sect.

T oute person with this type of tattoo is a person who is not afraid to die, “he said in an interview.

He continued:

There are great personalities that you know that belong to our group, some may not have our symbols the skeleton tattooed on their bodies but they are all members.

Cash King who refused to disclose the name of his occult group argued that their rules and regulations prevent him from publicizing what the group is doing in secret.

Watch the interview video below …


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