“I am not in sugar”: Putin Finally Explains His Homage Without An Umbrella In A Pouring Rain!!

The head of state did not shelter under an umbrella when he laid a wreath at the foot of a monument to the heroes of the Second World War, in a pouring rain last June. He explained why.

Vladimir Putin had gathered without umbrellas, dipped from head to toe, as he laid flowers at the feet of a monument to the soldiers who died during the Second World War in torrential rain on June 22nd.


It was a dramatic moment, I could not have acted differently


“Why did not you have an umbrella?” Asked students who he met on July 21 at the Sirius Education Center of Excellence in Sochi. The Russian president immediately replied with gravity: “I did not even think of it … Russian soldiers fought day and night, in all weather, during this war … people lived Here and there left their lives. It was a dramatic moment […] I could not have acted differently “. And to add with more lightness before the young audience: “We are not in sugar, we are not going to melt”.

The commemorations in question were part of the Day of Remembrance and the sorrow of the remembrance of the beginning of the Second World War, called the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union and then in Russia.


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