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I am Doing the Work of God, Says South Africa’s “Pope” Who Runs a Drinking Church in Bars

A drinking church which holds it services in taverns, has come under fire in recent times over their unusual way of worship.

The “pope” of Gabola Church in South Africa revealed that the church is here to stay and won’t be bottled up. He said this yesterday following a tavern co-operative calling him and his church crazy. “Pope” Tsietsi Makiti slammed the Seemahale Tarvenas Primary Co-operative.

Makiti claimed even Jesus was said to be crazy when he performed miracles and because of this, a plot was hatched and he was crucified.


Yesterday, the SunTeam visited the tavern in Evaton, Vaal, south of Joburg, South Africa, where the Seemahale spokesman earlier briefed the media on their issues with the church.

Responding to the issues, Makiti claimed it was all a plot to discredit his growing church.

He said he had never met the co-operative before and that until they summoned him, he would continue conducting his church services in taverns.

Makiti added that his work wasn’t about making money, but purely to do the Lord’s work.

“All I do is the work of God. I’m not running a business. Their issues are nothing but a plot to destroy Gabola. “I am not crazy. They are the crazy ones,” he said.

Mmusi Pule, the Seemahale spokesman, told Daily Sun they were working on a formal letter of summons so that Makiti could explain himself.

“As a co-operative governing taverns, we are here to enforce laws on how owners conduct their businesses. “As per agreement with the Liquor Board, taverns should be run far from schools and churches, but Makiti is running a church inside a tavern.”

Themba Ndlela, an overseer at Seemahale, said Gabola Church was threatening their businesses.

“A lot of our customers don’t like the idea of the church invading taverns.”


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