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‘I Almost Married My Daughter’.. This 80 Year Old African Has Over 100 Children And He’s Still Want More

An 80-year-old farmer in Eastern Ghana who has 12 wives and over one hundred children, and is still exploring for more women – almost committed incest with his own daughter after proposing to her.


According to reports, the aged man has within 40 years given birth to over 100 children with 12 women, all of who are married to him in a polygamous marriage.

On the occasion of 2017 Father’s Day, the children and the wives marched to Asilenu’s residence on Sunday.

“If I get a lady today, I will marry her and have more children. As for men, even in old age we can still father children. I’m not impotent,” Asilenu told TV3’s Portia Gabor who spent some time with the family on Father’s Day.


Unfortunately, Asilenu has lost track of his family- He’s unable to mention the name of all his children.

When Portia Gabor asked him to do a roll call, he got stuck along the line in mentioning their names. And it was thus not surprising that he proposed marriage to one of her daughters who he met in town.

But for the awareness of his daughter, Asilenu would have committed incest by having amorous relationship with her own daughter, unknowingly though.

One of his sons narrated how his father proposed to one of his sisters and the interesting excuse Mr Asilenu gave when it emerged that he is the father of the lady he had expressed love to.

“He [Asilenu] met the lady and said he loved her…..and later on, the lady said she was his daughter,” she told Portia Gabor, adding “he [Asilenu] said his eyes were worrying him, that was why he didn’t notice it was her own daughter ”.

Just like their father, some of the children do not know their numerical placement in the family.

Portia Gabor asked one of his daughters, Mary Asilenun, where she place in the family numerically and she simply laughed and responded, “…I can’t remember”.

Asilenu, his wives and children reportedly get along with each other and have been living happily as one united family..


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