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“Husbands Must Pay Monthly Wages to their Wives,”Says Ghanaian Pastor Badu Wood

Apostle Ekow Badu Wood, pastor of the Pentecost Church in Ghana, said it was time for husbands to start paying their wife a monthly salary to keep her at home.


According to Apostle Wood, wives deserve a monthly salary because of their valuable contribution to the effective management of the home. The Christian leader’s argument is based on a feminist and women’s empowerment principle that home support should be considered an economic activity. After all, the work done by someone at a cost, according to him.

The pastor told the story of a time when his wife had traveled and left their children in his care. For him, the struggle to care for children in the absence of his wife meant that he clearly had not been educated with the skills to undertake such tasks. He did not understand why his wife had to do it for free.

Apostle Wood, former Secretary General of the Pentecost Church, commented: “A just way to thank for the selfless service to the family is for the spouses to pay a monthly salary to their wives. This payment is a form of motivation to encourage them to do more. “

He added that the peace, quiet and stability that many homes enjoy is the result of the good works of wives who do everything in their power to make sure everything is going well at home.


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