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Hurt And Humiliated By Racist, A Haitian Priest Left His Parish In Brittany

We spoke briefly on the phone with the father Mikerson Olivier, he confirmed that he was actually tried and tired and wanted to rest.

He has everything to be appreciated in his new village, but the young priest Mikerson Olivier of Haiti, had to leave his parish, racist victim . The vicar of the parish, Father General Nicole announced that he was acting out of the position of priest until 27 March.


There are eight years to complete his religious studies, Mikerson Olivier arrived in France, he moved to Rennes. He continued his training with an internship in the parish of St. Brieux.Ordained in 2012, he became the pastor of Callac, southwest of Guimguamp in Brittany. To facilitate hiss integration in this small parish, the young priest of the Congregation of Saint-Jacques, teaches Breton and became an avid supporter the regional football team.

Only some parishioners do not like this form of “integration” and do not support the temperament of the new priest. And the situation worsens when the Haitian father receives an email that is not addressed to him. According to a relative of the priest, a parishioner wrote a letter that the father Mikerson Olivier intercepted by mistake. In this email, the sender thanked the parish for a successful religious ceremony and he regretted the presence of the black priest Mikerson Olivier. Still according to a family member, some parishioners had felt humiliated when the sacrament of the Eucharist.Olivier is the father who communed this day there. The local press described tags and racist (since deleted) on the walls of the presbytery.

The Vicar General of the Diocese, Gerard Nicole, wonders . He thinks that difficulties have arisen with the new measures taken by Olivier father. He wanted to apply the new demands of the diocese which advocates work with the laity. The new priest of the Congregation of Saint-Jacques, entrusted the preparation of the wedding or baptism to lay fishermen. This is probably what has surprised a few Callac parishioners.

According to the vicar, the young Haitian suffered tremendously from this situation, and beyond the tolerable. To appease the anger of the small number of malcontents and avoid inflaming racist open conflict against the young priest, it was reasonable to away of the parish.Nicole Gerard, the vicar, decided to change the Haitian parish priest and the interim until Easter.


“Olivier’s father, felt that his Haitian and some of its origins pastoral initiatives, especially concerning his work team, were not welcomed as opportunities to live together the Gospel and serve the Church’s mission,” explains in a statement the diocese vicar father Gérard Nicole.

After this quiet time, Father Olivier Mizerson officiate in parishes Broons and Dinan Caulnes in Upper Brittany.

Dorothée Audibert-Champenois

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