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‘Humbliest Wedding’!!: From A Sh100 Wedding Ceremony Now To A Extravagant ShI Million Investment!!

Presently been referred to as the Kenya’s humblest newlyweds; Wilson Wanjohi and Ann Muhanja have just been gifted with a Sh1 million worth of investment.

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The couple’s wedding story trended on social media a week ago. Without any fear of scorn, the two made their wedding as simple as the word can mean. The wedding took place at Community Christian Worship Church, Kasarani.

While most present day weddings are expensive to plan, the two accepted their social status at the moment and prioritized the substance of the occasion- the nuptial rites itself and not the flamboyance that comes with it.

Many liked their story and found their style pretty encouraging especially when the economy is not at its best.

On Saturday, it was reported that the couple was surprised with a Sh1 million investment wedding gift from Diamond Properties Merchants.

The gift includes an 8-acre plot of land and a greenhouse located at Isinya, Kajiado County. The plot of land is worth Sh500, 000 while the greenhouse is estimated at Sh320, 000.

In the greenhouse is the capsicum crop which could guarantee about Sh50,000 in returns.

The couple was stunned in amazement as they did not see the surprise coming. Wilson Wanjohi who sells apples for a living describes the whole package as the “hand of God”.

“It is the hand of God,”

“We did not even know that we were coming to receive this plot; we were just told to get into the vehicle and driven here.”-

Wilson Wanjohi expressed his delight over the lucrative wedding gift and says he would commence with the cultivation of crops in the greenhouse. He added that he would have to consider relocating from his Kasarani residence to the location of the landed properties.

According to Mr. Edwin Khiranga, Diamond Properties Sales and Marketing Manager, the couple’s overly simple wedding caught their interest. Thus they gave them gifts that have now automatically made them “land owners”.

Without a doubt, their finance has been improved for the better. Their sincerity and contentment as epitomized in their wedding style fetched them fortunes in the twinkle of an eye.

Before the greenhouse investment, another company, Bonfire Adventures and Events offered the young couple an all expense paid honeymoon package.

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