Human Right Day: New Generation In The Dark About Black History

Sobukwe‚ who was a leader of the Pan-Africanist Congress‚ led the 21 March 1960 anti-pass laws protest which resulted in the massacre of 69 people in Sharpeville.

The children‚ many of whom were dressed in political party regalia said they had never heard of the stalwart before.

Some of them gathered alongside their parents‚ and watched an exhibition of pictures of the Sharpeville Massacre‚ 2012 Marikana shootings and other violent protests around South Africa.

Art exhibitor Thandolwethu Sepoi’s stand showed black people being chained and assaulted by white people.

He told Times Media he was inspired to display these images when he noted that black children were not being educated about the true origins of oppression.

“Our education system is euro-centric‚” Sepoi said.

“It promotes white supremacy.”

He said it was difficult to celebrate Human Rights Day when many people failed to comprehend that the apartheid government‚ and even some of those in power failed to acknowledge black people as human beings.


“That is why the likes of Penny Sparrow can compare us to monkeys‚” Sepoi said.

Earlier‚ DA leader Mmusi Maimane distanced the party from Zille’s views.

“I stand here today and say those are not the views of the Democratic Alliance…” Maimane said.

“Our vision and our project has always been to say that out of the ashes of apartheid‚ a free South Africa will come forth‚ a non-racial society‚” he added.

Sharpeville was abuzz with activity on Tuesday as thousands of people descended on the township to mark the 57th year since the deadly uprising against the pass laws.

The crowd was dressed in t-shirts from different political parties.

Political parties took turns placing wreaths at the memorial site.

The uniform message from the parties was that those who were killed in the massacre cannot have died in vain.


Written by How Africa

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