How to use Linkedin to advertise your business

At work on laptop. 360eight.LinkedIn is often overlooked as a network for marketing purposes. But with over 135 million members, the majority of whom are professionals, in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is undoubtedly offering some serious punch for the online marketer.  Luqmaan Rawat from 360eight says: ‘LinkedIn provides marketers with very specific targeting, which can’t be found on other networks. Granular targeting including job titles, skills and the actual industry the user is employed in, allows marketers to creatively reach their audience.’

For businesses looking to connect with particular industries or specific business demographics, its powerful search facilities and networking opportunities make the most out of a limited marketing budget.

Here are some LinkedIn tips that will help you focus on the network’s potential.

  1. Listen to your market

LinkedIn Groups can essentially provide you with free market research if you spend time browsing in the right places. Once you have identified your target market, you can search for the groups in which people are discussing the sorts of problems or challenges they are facing, or learn more about how they would like to do business.

  1. Maximize your profile

Make the most of your company profile by filling in all the sections on LinkedIn, including the all-important keywords. Keep all links current and customize what you can (for example, change the URL to be your company name rather than a string of numbers and letters). You can also upgrade your account to allow you to do more, such as using the InMail service to contact members, get introductions to companies and see more information on potential contacts.

  1. Make the most of what you already have

Use LinkedIn apps to link your blog, portfolio and other content. Upload YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations and other media. Set your Twitter or Facebook updates to post automatically to LinkedIn. But be careful – flippant Facebook or Twitter remarks won’t look very professional on LinkedIn.

  1. Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads can offer a low-cost alternative to traditional advertising, with a potentially wider and more targeted reach, including CEOs or senior decision makers. LinkedIn Ads can target your demographic by industry, geographic location, seniority, age or LinkedIn Group with is quite simply fantastic.

  1. LinkedIn recommendations

One of the best ways to build your business’s reputation on LinkedIn is to ask for recommendations from customers, clients or business partners. Recommendations from others will show up in their profile, meaning that their own network will see it, which gives you a much wider reach than your own network.

In closing, Luqmaan Rawat from 360eight says that it’s important to realize that, as with any social network, LinkedIn is a tool for connecting. But it is only as good as the way you use it. You can maximize your effort by having clear goals of what you want to achieve, whether it is numbers of client connections, hits to your website, recommendation targets or an increased exposure with a particular demographic. Keeping your goals in mind can help you focus on where to concentrate your resources and create a more successful outcome. Right – over to you and good luck!


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