How to Use Facebook and Instagram Live Video Feature for Your Brand Marketing Strategy

The  feature on Facebook and Instagram which allows users to post live video streams of what they’re doing at that very moment can be maximized for your brand marketing strategy

However, when you’re setting up videos for Facebook Live or Instagram Live, make sure you’re putting the right basic video production strategy in place, as this will set you apart from other live videos being shown. In addition to these steps, we have a few more things to keep in mind.

Target the right time.

Keep in mind that your live video will be broadcast from the platform (Facebook or Instagram) itself, so that’s where you’ll be promoting your broadcasts primarily. Do some research on your Facebook/Instagram audiences to find out when they’re most engaged with your posts.

Even if some of your followers miss out, the app will save your videos to the app by default (although you can delete them manually if you want to), and they’ll be available for viewing by your followers after the fact.

As for the length of your video broadcasts, remember that most people’s attention spans are fairly short — especially on mobile. If your broadcasts aren’t captivating from the get-go, users will likely stop viewing your stream.

Use a compelling title.

It’s vital that your title describes what your video is and why people should either tune in now or replay your stream later (up to 24 hours). Here are a few styles that make effective titles:

  • Straight-Forward: Sometimes, the most effective title will tell people exactly what you’re going to do in the video.
  • Exclusive: A title that lets users believe they’re seeing exclusive footage can be super compelling. For example, you might broadcast a video titled, “I’m live from my show!” for all the viewers at home. Another version of this could be “A Backstage Look Into…” or something along those lines.
  • Unique: Broadcasting something unique, rare, or just plain weird? Own it. One of my personal favourites was, “My Fridge: 100 Viewers and I’ll Drop Eggs.”

Respond to comments live.

One of the coolest features on Facebook is that people who are watching your stream in real time can comment and “like” the broadcast (which show up as hearts, like on Instagram). Other viewers are able to see these comments and the number of hearts your video has. Acknowledge or even respond to these comments out loud on the live broadcast to encourage engagement and make the experience feel like more of a two-way conversation.


Experiment with use cases.

It would be great  for you to experiment with different ways of using the Facebook and Instagram live feature and what type of content your audience likes most.

Facebook Live lets you analyze a few key stats you’ll want to keep track of while you’re figuring out what works. Once your video ends, the app lets you see how many live viewers you had, how many viewers replayed your video, and how many hearts your video received (this number updates automatically as users continue “liking” your video from the time it ends until it expires).

Finally, as you experiment with different recording environments, keep in mind that background noise is easily picked up by microphones — so you’ll want to make sure you’re in a relatively controlled environment if doing a more serious or professional broadcast.

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