How To Turn Negative Situations To Your Advantage

Things will not go your way all the time. That is the truth about life’s events.

The mistake most people make, is that they have in their mind, a particular way, they expect their desires to come to pass.

These set of people thank God, and are happy when things go their way, and they get put off when challenges come.

You can turn negative things in your life to your advantage.

If things do not go as you plan, there is still a plan better than your plan.

God causes light to shine forth from darkness.

God’s word is light. He will always guide and show you the way out, through His word.

Learning to embrace your challenges and presenting them to God with praise and worship, will turn the situation in your favour.

I Love The Father.

Praise is the only sure way of crippling the devil’s attack on your life.

Praise is exalting God and his greatness, above your challenges.


By praising God, you bring his presence into your situation, and cause angels to make a way for you.

God called David a man after his heart, not because he was perfect, but because he knew how to exalt and worship God above his weakness.

David sang and danced till he almost went naked. God even cursed his wife with barrenness when she tried to stop him.

Paul and Silas got out of jail, because they praised and worship God.

The walls of Jericho came down, after the children of Israel shouted in Praise to God.


Adopt the attitude of praising God in the midst of your challenges.

Thank him for the negative situation, do not complain. Praise him for the problem, and ask him to show you the solution, or the way out.

Make a conscious effort to praise God in the midst of your challenges, and watch the walls crumble before you.



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