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How To Start A Biodiesel Business That Converts Used Cooking Vegetable Oil Into Diesel Fuel

Have you heard of ‪#‎biodiesel‬ before? I’m very surprised that many people haven’t!

In this article, I’ll introduce you to biodiesel and how you can make this amazing fuel from used ‪#‎vegetable‬ oil from your kitchen or collected from local ‪#‎restaurants‬ and hotels. Biodiesel is so easy to make, you’ll be amazed!

Biodiesel is a fuel of the future. It’s cleaner, totally biodegradable, and emits up to 78 percent less carbon dioxide than ordinary diesel. It’s already being blended with diesel in the USA, Canada and the European Union.

I’ll also share an amazing success story of one ‪#‎African‬ ‪#‎entrepreneur‬ who is already exploiting the potentials of biodiesel in his home country.

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Everyday, millions of litres of used cooking vegetable oil are wasted and flushed down the sink in home kitchens, restaurants and hotels around the world. What a waste! Especially as all that used oil can easily be converted into biodiesel, a fuel just like ordinary diesel, that could power trucks and machinery.


Biodiesel is a cleaner and better performing fuel than diesel, and it’s a surprise it’s not very popular in Africa yet. In this article, I’ll introduce you to biodiesel and why its demand is growing around the world. I’ll also share an inspiring success story of one African entrepreneur who’s already exploiting the promising potentials of biodiesel in his country.


In this article, you’ll also learn how biodiesel is made, and all the ingredients, tools and knowledge you need to produce this revolutionary product. Hint: I have included two tutorials to help you fully grasp the basics. This article is a great read. I know you’ll enjoy it!



What exactly is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is very different from the ‘normal’ diesel many of us know. The diesel we’re used to is produced byrefining petroleum (also known as ‘crude oil’). Crude oil, which is classified as a ‘fossil fuel’ or ‘non-renewable fuel’ can only be found deep beneath the earth’s surface, from where it is recovered and refined into several products, including petrol (gasoline), kerosene, and diesel.


Biodiesel is not in any way related to, or made from crude oil. Unlike ordinary diesel, biodiesel is a renewable and clean-burning type of diesel that is made from vegetable oils. Yes, vegetable oils! It can be made from most types of vegetable oils including soybean oil, canola oil, palm oil and most other popular oils.


In this article, I’ll be focusing on biodiesel that can be made from Waste Vegetable Oils (WVOs). These are the oils that have been used for frying and cooking food in home kitchens, restaurants, and anywhere else you can find waste cooking oils that may be wasted or flushed down the sink after use.


I know what you’re thinking. Is it really possible to use this biodiesel to drive your truck or power that electricity generator? Of course, it is. In fact, biodiesel is proven to give higher engine performance, more lubricity, and emits less carbon and toxic gases than the ordinary diesel we’re used to.


Biodiesel is indeed a revolutionary type of fuel that is already shaping our energy options for the future.

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