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How to Prepare the Senegalese Ngalakh Dish, the Flat Symbol of Islamic-Christian Dialogue

During the Easter holidays, the country abounds in Ngalakh. It is a dish that is culturally popular with Christians. However, they do not prepare it for themselves, but for their Christian parents and neighbors. As for the Tabaski and Korité festivities, where Muslims offer dishes to their Christian neighbors, this dish is a strong symbol of interreligious dialogue.

Here’s how to prepare the Ngalakh

To prepare the Ngalakh, no need to go to a Christian parent to give us the recipe. In Senegal, people have consumed so much that they have the recipe by heart. The dish is very simple to make. First you have to buy the ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Peanut paw
  • Monkey bread
  • Chocolate spread
  • Thiakry

You can also buy additional ingredients, according to your desires, namely raisins, grated coconut, vanilla essence, nutmeg, orange flower liquid.


For the preparation, beginners can choose to buy in thiakry market, a millet preparation that requires time and control. You can have it in the shops, at a very affordable price. Then comes the time to prepare the sauce. You have to make a decoction of the monkey bread. To do this, do not put too much water, otherwise the sauce may be too liquid. After 3 to 4 hours, whip the monkey bread so that the white part is removed. Remove the stones from the sieve, and add the peanut paste and chocolate. Sieve again. Add the sugar, additional ingredients at will. Mix the Thiakry sauce, put in the fridge. Your Ngalakh is ready, good appetite!


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