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How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile In 10 Minutes

1. Curate Your Groups
When you first signed up for LinkedIn, you probably bypassed the whole group section . Or, maybe you went crazy and joined every one possible (no judgment here)—and then never thought about it again. Take a few moments to browse through your list and delete any that aren’t helpful. Then, find two to three that look like they’re interesting enough to participate in—or at least interesting enough to read every so often. When searching for ones to join, think about your (desired) industry, location, and job titles.

Expert Tip
Join your university’s alumni network to make sure you stay in the loop with what’s going on with other alum. You never know when a career opportunity might pop up and you can use your school ties to get an in.

2. Update Your Current Responsibilities
Have you just switched jobs and been so busy getting adjusted that you forgot to update your profile? Or, maybe you took on a few new tasks that your contacts should know about. Either way, make sure your current position is up-to-date with your title, location, and responsibilities. After all, that’s one of the first things people look at on your profile.

Expert Tip
Add multimedia components to visually show off your work. This not only provides an actual portfolio piece a recruiter can grab, but it boosts the overall appearance of your profile. Score!


3. Filter Through Your Skills and Endorsements
Remember when you clicked “add” to every endorsement someone sent you because you were so excited people thought you were awesome at, well, anything? As great as that may have been for you, some skills and endorsements just shouldn’t make the cut . Think of this as your time to guard the gate.

Expert Tip
Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, or any other universally known programs usually shouldn’t make it, at least not at the top of your list.

4. Customize Your LinkedIn URL
Just like any other social network, you’re given a very long (and impersonal) URL link when you first join. While it doesn’t hurt you to keep that one, it also doesn’t help. After all, what’s more appealing: Kaitlyn0121912 or KaitlynRussell? So, change your current URL to best reflect your professional, branded self.

Here’s how to do it in three steps:

  1. Click on profile
  2. Click edit profile
  3. Click edit right under your photo

5. Ask for a Recommendation
If you’re interviewing, you’re bound to get to that point in the process where you’ve made it past a couple rounds: Would you mind sending over some references? LinkedIn’s recommendations are the perfect shortcut for this because you’ll already know who thinks you’re talented, and which of your skills they value the most. Better yet? People who are scrolling through your profile will see that you’re an awesome worker who people want to endorse publicly. So, take a few minutes and ask a previous supervisor, a co-worker, or your current employer to spend a few minutes writing you one


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