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How to Help People with Mental Illness Through New Instagram Feature

Mental illness is often overlooked because we can’t physically see it but it affects millions of people around the world.

The truth remains that many people face one mental illness or the other and there is no platform or avenue for help.

Social media is a place where people come to connect and socialise but at the same time, many fight insecurities, loneliness, inadequacy, and isolation.

Recognising this, Instagram has added a feature which enables people to offer help to anyone without the awkwardness of confrontation and potential confusion.


If you see an Instagram post of a user that makes you worry about the status of their mental health, there is now an option for Instagram to send an anonymous message to the person on your behalf.

The message will read: “Someone saw one of your posts and thinks you might be going through a difficult time. If you need support, we’d like to help.”

“We listen to mental health experts when they tell us that outreach from a loved one can make a real difference for those who may be in distress,” Marne Levine, Instagram’s chief operating officer, told the Lad Bible.

“We understand friends and family often want to offer support but don’t know how best to reach out”, Levine added.



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