How To Brilliantly Use Phsycology In Promoting Sales

There is this interesting experiment where the participants who were unconsciously exposed to words associated with old age, were found to actually end up walking slowly after the exposure compared to the other groups who were exposed to other random words.

This is a psychological phenomenon called the Florida effect, an example of the Priming effect.

The basic thing that this makes us understand is that: Without intentions, the first item that we are exposed to or presented with affects how we respond to the second, that is, exposure to an event eases the activation of associated concepts in the mind. It is a process driven by our subconscious mind.

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There are so many ways businesses can leverage this psychological phenomenon in their marketing strategies.

However, I’ll focus on one I found very important, which is more about your branding.

You must understand that the type of ‘energy’ your brand exudes when people come in contact with it can influence their actions.

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Branding is not just about the design content, but the soul, spirit and energy behind it.

There must be that underlying enthusiasm in the tone of your content and you must be deliberate about it.

Before your call to action, expose your audience to the right content that primes them into that realm because they are more likely to tilt towards acting so.

The colour, text, choice of words in your content plays a great role in how your audience responds to your call to action.

A content that focuses on telling a plus size of how powerful she is, and how she has power over her body, with different visuals that tells how exciting the process will be is more likely to get her to sign up for a weight loss plan.

Another way to look at it is this, how will I feel if I buy from you? now make me feel so by mere coming in contact with anything around your brand/ marketing content.

This is one of the reasons why you must understand the value your product offers your audience.

Do you sell luxury? then expose them to the content they can easily associate with that.

Bottom line? Let your product connect with your audience emotion and prime them to feeling so, even before they did.

So tell me, what do you sell and how can you apply this priming effect in promoting your sales?

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