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African Parent: How To Avoid Raising Spoiled Children

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All parents must do anything possible to avoid raising spoiled children if we ever hope for a better tomorrow. The popular slogan “My children will never suffer what I suffered” is practically destroying our tomorrow, you are practically loving your child to death without knowing it. When your kids tells you – you are mean – take it as a compliment because every good parent suppose to be mean to their children sometimes. This rising generation has been tagged the laziest, rudest, most entitled kids in history of mankind ever, and this is cause by the way we are raising them.

The stories about spoiled rotten kids scare the best of moms. It is easy for you as a the parents to want to throw in the towel with your own kids and let them be who they want to be but, that is not the best. Don’t give up. Your kids may think you are mean now, but they will thank you later when they realize how well you meant to them.

Steps To Take To Avoid Raising Spoiled Children

To start with –  It is important to make your kids go to Bed at a reasonable time. Is there really anyone who hasn’t heard how important a

Don’t give your kids dessert every day
– Sweet should be saved for special occasions. That is what makes them a”treat”. If you give in to your child’s demands for goodies all the time, he won’t appreciate the gesture when some one offers a sweet gift or rewards. Plus, imagine the Dentist and the Doctor Bills that may result as a result of your over indulgence.good night rest is to a child’s growth and success? Be the parents and put your kid to bed at the right time. No one ever said the kid had to want to go to bed. They may put up a fight at first, but with consistency, they will learn you mean business. Now enjoy some quiet me or couple time after they have gone to bed in preparation to taking good care of them when they wake up the next day.

Don’t pull strings – Some kids get a rude awakening when they finally get a job and realize that the rules actually do apply to them. When they realize they have to come on time and do what the Boss wants them to do, and do part of the job they don’t even like. If you don’t like your child teacher, science partner, position on the soccer field or placement of the bus-stop, avoid the temptation to make a stink or pull strings until he get his preference. If you do that, you are robbing your child of the chance to make the best of a difficult situation. Dealing with less than ideal circumstance is something she will have to do most of her adult life. If children never learn to handle it, you’re setting them up for failure.


Make them do hard things – Don’t automatically step in and take over when thing get hard. Nothing gives your kids a bigger self confidence boost than sticking to it and accomplishing some thing difficult for them.

Give them a watch and alarm clock – Your child will be better off if he/she learns the responsibility of managing his own time. You are not always going to be there to remind her to turn off the T.V and get ready to go.

Don’t always buy the latest things for them – Teach your kids gratitude and satisfaction with the things they have. Always worrying about the next big thing and who already has it will lead to a life time of debt and unhappiness.

Let them feel loss – If your child break a toy, don’t replace it. He/she will learn a valuable lesson about taking care of his stuff if your child forget to turn in homework, let him take the lower grade or make him work out extra credit with his teacher himself. You are teaching responsibility – who doesn’t want responsible kids? They can help remind you of all the things you forget to do.

Control media – If all the other parents let their child jump off a bridge, would you? Don’t let your kids watch a show or play a video game that is inappropriate for children just because all their friends have done it. If you stand up for decent parenting, others may follow. Create some positive peer pressure.

Make them apologize – If your child does something wrong make her fess up and face the consequences. Don’t brush rudeness, bullying or dishonesty under the rug. If you mess up, set the example and eat your humble pie.

Mind their manners – Even small children can learn the basics of how to treat another human with respect and dignity by making politeness a habit, you’ll be doing your kids a huge favor. Good manners go a long way toward getting someone what they want. we’ve all heard the saying “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Lastly make them work for free whether it’s helping grandma in the garden or volunteering to tutor younger kids make service a part of your child’s life. It teaches them to look outside themselves and realize that other people have needs and problems too sometimes greater than their own. With all the time you spend being mean, don’t forget to praise and reward your children for their good behaviors. And always, make sure they know you love them. With a little luck, your kids can turn the tide and make their generation proud and make you a proud parent.


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