How The Position Of Moles Influenced Your Personality

We all are aware of the fact that different kinds of moles located at different position reveal a significant point related to our personality. Let’s discuss what they tell about you-

1) Mole on Head
Those people who possess mole on the head are best in politics. If the mole is of red or green colour then it means they will surely become a minister and will be successful at every point in life. There are several possibilities due to which they might remain single forever.

2) Mole on Forehead
It symbolises wealth and success and wealth of a person. Such people are helpful and people admire their behaviour.
3) Mole on Cheeks
These people are emotional, and if the mole is present on the left side then those people are introvert.

4) Mole on Chin
These people are believed to be beautiful and adorable. They possess a well-balanced life and that’s what makes them successful.


5) Mole just above the lips
They are liable to give birth to twins. Such people possess low self-esteem.

6) Mole on Nose
Those people who possess mole on the nose are great thinkers and a quick learner. These are also short tempered. If the mole is present on the right side of the nose then this indicates that these people can earn money easily with fewer efforts. If the mole is present on the left side then this can have adverse effects.

7) Mole on Hands
If the mole is located on right hand then it signifies a strong determination of an individual whereas if it is located on the left hand then it represents a disappointment. These people will work hard but won’t receive the results as per their work.


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