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How Tech is Driving and Expanding the Sports Betting Industry

Sports betting doesn’t require an elaborate introduction these days as almost every individual loves indulging in a punt or two on his/her favourite sport. It was only back in the days that people used to be apprehensive about sports betting, but today everyone loves betting and gambling as long as they are provided with legal and reliable means for it. It becomes even easier for them if they can depend upon some tried and tested betting tips service. The past one decade has witnessed a great multitude of sports betting websites getting launched and people gradually making a move to online platforms for their sports betting needs.


Opportunities and Concerns

Even sports betting companies are branching out to different countries and are setting up operations there to offer a higher level of convenience to the local punters. Many of them are also launching their own sports betting apps, customised to the unique needs of the sports bettors of a specific state/country. What used to be considered a taboo at one point of time, has evolved into a thriving industry today. While a great amount of sports betting happens on soccer and cricket, other sports are also catching up rapidly.


With the smart phones and Internet becoming mainstream in the sports betting world, there is no looking back for this industry now. Several cash-strapped states and countries are also turning to sports betting as an attractive revenue source. Although legalisation of sports betting has its own macro-economic advantages, it cannot be denied that there is indeed a possibility of people getting addicted to gambling. And it’s this concern that is coming in the way for this activity getting an all-out legal status in several countries and states. Australia is a clear-cut example of this phenomenon where sports betting was legalised many years ago. The country is in a state today which United States of America would want to avoid going forward. Ever since betting was legalised in Australia in 2001, the country has seen a major shift in its sports culture and gambling habits of people. Today no Australian talks about sports without referring to the odds offered on a particular game, something that can be termed as complete gamblization of sports in the country.

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The way forward

Regardless, sports betting still has a very long way to go in the future. With more and more companies launching their own customer friendly, improved and latest apps, it is very evident that the audience is indeed receptive of such technologies today. Betting and gambling on sports is something that excites people greatly and enhances their love for sports, apart from bringing a new dimension to the game. We are no longer in an era where people used to enjoy sports only because of their love for it; nowadays, the financial implications of a game’s result makes them even more exciting and desirable.



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